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Our legacy work

Our legacy objective supports future work, and makes it a part of our mission to build a fair and equitable legacy.

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Our mission and heritage

The Foundation’s mission is to help build the foundations of a healthier society. To deliver on that mission, the Foundation is committed to accepting its heritage and understanding how it impacts on health inequalities and our work today.

This legacy work further embeds diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) into our current work and increases our ability to achieve and maximise our impact on reducing health inequalities in the long term.

Our legacy workstream

Our Legacy workstream sit across the organisation rather than within specific action plans. It currently has 3 main areas of focus:

  • Our Past and Future: Understanding that our past has a presence in the present and how these impacts on achieving our mission of a healthy society for all.
  • Our People and Place: Our people and partners are fundamental to our purpose. Our legacy stream aims to nurture a diversity of talent both within our foundation and within our partner organisations, ensuring that we can attract and retain those who can bring expertise and knowledge that helps us to achieve our mission and so increases our ability to achieve and maximise our impact in our boroughs and beyond. An example of this is our Associates programme.
  • Advocacy and Influencing: As a Foundation we believe we can have greater impact, through sharing the lessons we have learned along our journey towards greater equity both as an organisation and within the work we do, as well as learning from others with similar histories, within our sector and beyond. ] We have the longevity to advocate and influence for systemic change, not only through how we use our endowment, but also in the ways we act, partner and engage with others.

The Associates programme

Our Associate’s programme is an important part of the Foundation’s commitment to being a more inclusive, equitable and diverse employer and organisation. It forms part of our DEI Legacy workstream, which aims to build a fairer future for communities in the boroughs of Lambeth and Southwark.

Consisting of apprenticeship, internship, and placement programmes, our Associates programme aims to nurture a diverse pipeline of talent and encourage people from a range of different backgrounds into the Foundation and the sector as a whole. As a place-based foundation, we have a strong focus on people with the contextual understanding and experience of the inequalities we aim to address and the communities within Lambeth and Southwark.