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Unlocking the potential for cities to be healthier

Through Impact on Urban Health, we help urban areas become healthier places for everyone to live.

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About Impact on Urban Health

Our health is hugely influenced by where we grow up, live and work. ​And in urban areas, we see the best and worst health outcomes, often just roads away from each other.

Our focus is on improving health in inner-city areas by understanding and changing how inequalities impact our health.

Urban health in numbers


of the world's population will live in urban areas by 2050

8 in 10

people in the UK currently live in cities or towns

15-19 yrs

the range of life expectancies across London boroughs, for men and women respectively

What we do

We believe we can improve global health by focusing on cities.   The places that we grow up, live and work impact how healthy we are.  

We know that there are more extreme health outcomes in urban areas in the UK.  London, like other cities, is home to the best and worst health – often side by side.  

We’re committed to achieving health equity by helping urban areas become healthier places for everyone to live in.

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