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Areas of work

Through our family of forward-looking organisations, we collaborate with our communities, partners and hospitals, and use our assets to transform lives.

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Collective impact: Our areas of work

Health is a collective endeavour. It requires people and ideas to come at big challenges from all angles. To help us do that, we have established a family of forward-looking organisations, all working to create a healthier society.

Each has a distinct identity and is focused on a specific area of our work: how we use our assets for better health, how we help cities become healthier places for all, and how we back innovation and inspiration across Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust. This approach allows us to connect better with those who are crucial to achieving our goals.

All our work is supported by our endowment, which allows us to take the long-term view while addressing the urgent health issues of today.

Together, we partner with all parts of society, from communities and grassroots organisations to large companies, government, hospitals, academics and many others.

Areas of work

Using our assets for health

A key part of our work at Guy’s & St Thomas’ Foundation is managing and investing an endowment worth nearly £1 billion. It is consists of a diverse portfolio of investments, property and other assets. We set dual objectives for it: to achieve financial returns and to deliver health impact.

Unlocking the potential for cities to be healthier

We are exploring health inequity in cities, and what can help to turn them into healthier places for all. This is the focus of Impact on Urban Health.

Supporting incredible NHS staff and exceptional healthcare

Through our Trust charity work, we support incredible NHS staff and exceptional healthcare. We do this by backing people, innovation and inspiration across Guy’s, St Thomas’, and Evelina London hospitals.